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[this is a resource] A resource in the dataset Local authorities in England.


RDF Resource

This is a Linked Data resource, but we don't visualise this kind of data at the moment. You can explore the RDF for more details: see the API tab.


This is a linked data resource: it has a permanent unique uri at which both humans and machines can find it on the Internet, and which can be used an identifier in queries on our SPARQL endpoint.
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In Graph
Billing authority code
E3832 xsd:string
West Sussex
Government office region
South East
Governs GSS
Arun E07000224
E07000224 xsd:string
Has census code
45UC xsd:string
Label rdfs:label
Arun xsd:string
SameAs owl:sameAs
Arun District Council
Type rdf:type
Civil Administrative Authority
Local Authority
District Council
In Graph
Contact Page
Government Service
Find out about school holiday schemes
Pay your council tax
Find out more about council tax
Apply for a discount on council tax
Check your eligibility for council tax benefit
Find out about council tax benefit
Check your eligibility for housing benefit
Appeal against a housing benefit decision
Apply for a mutual council home exchange
Apply for a council home
Report suspected squatters in a council property
Find out about advice for homeless people
Find out about making insurance claims against the council
Apply for disabled facilities grant
Request a repair to a council property
Find out about garden maintenance for elderly or disabled council tenants
Find out about the councils interpreting and translation service
Apply for a community transport journey
Find out about community transport schemes
Apply for an older person s bus pass
Find out about older person s bus pass
Apply for a disabled persons bus pass
Apply for direct payments
Find out about direct payments
Find out about local support groups and organisations
Find out about local carer support groups and organisations
Apply for a community alarm
Find out about community alarm services
Find out about civil marriage ceremonies
Find out about the bereavement service
Find out about a community funeral service
Apply to buy a grave plot
Find out about buying a grave plot
Find out about burial and grave details
Apply for a job at your local council
Find out about jobs at your local council
Pay for business advice - miscellaneous payments
Find out about business advice - miscellaneous payments
Regulation of business advice - miscellaneous payments
Make a complaint about your local council
Find out about complaints procedure
Find out about councillors declaration of interest
Find out about councillor advice surgeries
Find out about your local councillors
Find out local council news
Apply for a proxy vote
Find out about proxy votes
Find out about elections
Apply to register on the electoral roll
Find out about the electoral register
Report an abandoned vehicle
Find out about abandoned vehicles
Apply for: Licences - pet shops
Find out about food premises registration
Registration of food premises registration
Report illegal street trading
Find out about illegal street trading
Find out about licences - street trading
Regulation of licences - street trading
Report a noise nuisance
Find out about Pollution control - noise
Find out about local air pollution
Apply for an asbestos inspection
Find out about asbestos removal
Find out about contaminated land
Report discarded syringes
Find out about Safety - syringes - disposal
Report a pest problem
Find out about pest control
Report a stray dog
Find out about the dog warden service
Apply for a leisure pass
Appeal against your parking fine
Pay your parking fine
Find out about parking fines
Apply for a parking permit
Find out about parking permits
Find out how to apply for a dropped kerb
Find out about council car parks
Apply for planning permission
Find out about planning permission
Find out about local transport policy
Find out about crime prevention in town centres
Apply for building regulations approval
Find out more about building regulations
Apply for permission to work on a protected tree
Find out about tree preservation orders
Apply to carry out works on a property in a conservation area
Find out about carrying out works on a property in a conservation area
Find out about street naming and numbering
Find out about listed buildings
Search the register of planning decisions
Report a missed bin collection
Find out which day the refuse is collected
Find out about domestic bins
Apply for a special collection for large items
Find out about special collections for large items
Apply for a recycling bin
Find out more about recycling collections
Find your nearest recycling centre
Report an obstruction on a pavement
Find out more about blocked pavements
Report a problem with a pavement
Find out more about pavement problems
Report a problem with a street name plate
Find out about street name plates
Find out about safe routes to school
Report an obstruction on a road
Find out about road obstructions
Report road flooding
Find out about road flooding
Report a pothole
Find out about potholes
Report a problem with a street light
Find out about street lights
Report a problem with a traffic light
Find out about traffic lights
Find out about road works in your area
Report a dead animal
Find out about dead animal removal
Report a dog fouling problem
Find out about dog fouling
Report a litter problem
Find out about street cleaning
Report a graffiti problem
Find out about graffiti problems
Report vandalism
Find out about vandalism
Report flytipping
Find out about flytipping
Report flyposting
Find out about flyposting
Report a dangerous building or structure
Find out about dangerous buildings and structures
Find out about nuisance caused by demolition work
Find out about grants to local voluntary organisations
Find a tourist information centre
Find out about leisure activities for older people
Find out about sports clubs
Find out about youth clubs
Find out about activities for young people
Find out about properties which are not fit to live in
Find out about debt counselling
Find out about advice for tenants and landlords in the private sector
Apply for permission to alter your council home
Find out about improving a council property
Find out about gypsy and traveller sites
Find out about alley gating
Find out about blocked drains
Find out about supported tenancies
Find out about play facilities in the community
Find out about a council funeral
Find out about open and derelict properties
Find out about emergency planning for a major incident
Request a change of council tenancy
Find out about changing a council tenancy
Find out about local council meetings
Find out about election results
Make a freedom of information request
Find out about freedom of information requests
Find out about holiday accommodation
Find out about licences - caravan sites
Find out about countryside volunteering
Find out about the use and mooring of houseboats
Find out about local support groups for children young people and families
Find out about local arts events
Request collection of hazardous waste
Find out about hazardous waste collection
Find out about recycling
Find out about Local Development Frameworks
Request a collection of clinical waste
Find out about collection of clinical waste
Have your say: licences - alcohol and entertainment - premises
Find out about licences: alcohol and entertainment - premises
Find out about local consultations
Find out about community safety
Get local information about swine flu
Get local information on services disrupted by severe weather
Find out about details of council expenditure over 500
Find out how to hold a street party
Find out when you can check the accounts at your council
Find out about : Licences - pet shops
Regulation of licences - pet shops
Find out about licences - sex shops
Regulation of licences - sex shops
Apply for a renovation grant
Find out about renovation grants
Find out about infectious diseases
Find out about leisure passes
Find out about local parks
Apply for an allotment
Find out about allotments
Find out about disposing of garden waste
Home Page
Main Contact : EMail xsd:string
Main Contact : Telephone
01903 737 500 xsd:string
Postal Address
Maltavers Road BN17 5LF
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