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Right To Buy - Number of Receipts by Local Authority: a data cube spreadsheet

Receipts for values of DCLG Right to Buy Receipts Categories
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Dclg Right To Buy Receipts Categories
  1. All Receipts
Reference Period
  1. 2012 Q2
  2. 2012 Q3
  3. 2012 Q4
  4. 2013 Q1
  5. 2013 Q2
  6. 2013 Q3
  7. 2013 Q4
  8. 2014 Q1
  9. 2014 Q2
  10. 2014 Q3
  11. 2014 Q4
  12. 2015 Q1
  13. 2015 Q2
  14. 2015 Q3
  15. 2015 Q4
  16. 2016 Q1
  17. 2016 Q2
  18. 2016 Q3
  19. 2016 Q4
  20. 2017 Q1
  21. 2017 Q2
  22. 2017 Q3
  23. 2017 Q4
  24. 2018 Q1
  25. 2018 Q2
Reference area
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  1. Countries
  2. Upper Tier Authorities
  3. Lower Tier Authorities
  4. Unitary Authorities
  5. Counties
  6. Metropolitan Counties
  7. Non-metropolitan Districts
  8. Metropolitan Districts
  9. London Boroughs
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Right to Buy Receipts

The figures include receipts arising from all sales included in the sales figures. Figures for a particular quarter may include receipts arising from a sale in another quarter, but do not include receipts arising from sales before 1 April 2012. These figures represent the total receipt that and authority receives from the sale of a property after the Right to Buy Discount. A portion of these receipts are reserved for costs incurred by authorities in administering the RTB scheme, paying off additional local authority housing debt, an amount for authorities to use for general capital purposes, a share required by HM Treasury, and (in a small number of cases) for buying back former council properties, the remainder of the receipts are for the funding of additional homes for affordable or social rent.


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Reference Period
2015 Q1
Dclg Right To Buy Receipts Categories
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