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Housing Supply Delivery - Net additional dwellings - New build completions : a data cube spreadsheet

This data set contains annual data on new build completions.

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  1. New Build Completions - HFR
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November 2019 Annually

Net supply of housing, also referred to as net additional dwellings, measures the absolute change in dwelling stock in England between 1st April and 31st March the following year.

The net supply estimates of the absolute change in dwelling stock each year are produced by using the dwelling count from the 2001 and 2011 census as a baseline and projecting forward using information on net annual changes to the housing stock.

The new build component of the net supply of housing statistics is generally larger than the corresponding annual total from house building data, despite the fact that they are measuring the same thing. Over the year to March 2015 the new build component of the net supply of housing statistics was 25 per cent greater than the corresponding figure from the quarterly house building statistics. This is probably due largely to the much longer data collection period for the net supply of housing. However, other possible factors include the fact that net supply of housing will pick up the small minority of dwellings which are finished and in which people are living but where a completion certificate has not been issued. In such cases a completion may not have been recorded in the building control data used for the quarterly house building statistics


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