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[this is a object property] An object property defined in the ontology Friend of a Friend (FOAF) vocabulary.

Friend of a Friend (FOAF) vocabulary property: page

Datasets with resources that use this property

This is a linked data resource: it has a permanent unique uri at which both humans and machines can find it on the Internet, and which can be used an identifier in queries on our SPARQL endpoint.
All metadata
In Graph
Comment rdfs:comment
A page or document about this thing. xsd:string
Domain rdfs:domain
testing xsd:string
InverseOf owl:inverseOf
IsDefinedBy rdfs:isDefinedBy
Friend of a Friend (FOAF) vocabulary
Label rdfs:label
page xsd:string
Range rdfs:range
Type rdf:type
Machine-readable formats

In addition to this bookmarkable html page, this metadata about this linked data resource is also available for our robot customers in the following machine-readable formats. Please refer to the API documentation for more details.

metadata about this linked data resource JSON RDF/XML Turtle N-Triples