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[this is a resource] A resource in the dataset Features Of Interest.

RDF Resource

This is a Linked Data resource, but we don't visualise this kind of data at the moment. You can explore the RDF for more details: see the API tab.


This is a linked data resource: it has a permanent unique uri at which both humans and machines can find it on the Internet, and which can be used an identifier in queries on our SPARQL endpoint.
All metadata
In Graph
MULTIPOLYGON (((-0.1942922534871027 51.38436827737199, -0.1961614662633882 51.38633106376727, -0.1945206596118324 51.3860375582157, -0.1954020193171541 51.38705021465603, -0.1944737694837055 51.38755567390967, -0.193200782041839 51.38785377140199, -0.1904455955634444 51.38620135575228, -0.1897110698721453 51.386126359447914, -0.1883596561061067 51.38548987842237, -0.1842324942461773 51.38768901922328, -0.1822158848764707 51.38830444272739, -0.1806056455207986 51.38701272937869, -0.1807940938386512 51.38688958707795, -0.1849827025777655 51.38392138918748, -0.1882201374407346 51.38522223926361, -0.1888107488172809 51.38420985531982, -0.1918145254890995 51.384328674205484, -0.1931689608946527 51.38483183656333, -0.1942922534871027 51.38436827737199)))
Type rdf:type
Machine-readable formats

In addition to this bookmarkable html page, this metadata about this linked data resource is also available for our robot customers in the following machine-readable formats. Please refer to the API documentation for more details.

metadata about this linked data resource JSON RDF/XML Turtle N-Triples