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Audience dcterms:audience
Public sector officers and their suppliers responsible for service improvement. xsd:string
Coverage dcterms:coverage
European local government. xsd:string
Date Created dcterms:created
2012-05-14 xsd:date
Date Modified dcterms:modified
2012-05-14 xsd:date
Definition skos:definition
The Service list is a catalogue of all services performed by Local Government in England and Scotland and Municipalities in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany. The list gives a common understanding of services and is a result of collaboration during The Smart Cities Project 2009 - 2011. Each list can be seen individually by clicking on the drop down menu on the left hand side of the page. Lists are shown in English but can also be seen in the language of the chosen country by clicking on the flag when looking at an individual country's list . Where services are delivered by more than one country the service number and definition is standardised allowing for the exchange of information between countries by numerical ID regardless of language.<br /><br />A service is a set of actions or activities undertaken by a council (or other public sector body) to deliver a product or conclusion. Services are usually provided at the request of a customer either as a one-off request (for example planning applications, parking permits) or as a result of the circumstances of the customer (for example local resident, local business, disabled). Services are provided by a public sector body either as a power (a legal right), a duty (a legal obligation) or at its discretion.<br /><br />A service list provides a standard way of referring to each service when communicating within and between organisations. It uses unique numeric identifiers for each service, irrespective of the language and naming conventions that are used by different people and organisations to identify or describe services. The service list uses terminology that is recognised within the public sector but may not necessarily be understood by the customer. Other lists provide a customer facing view of services which can be used to provide information on services to the public (such as in a web site).<br /><br />Use - to define a core set of tasks that are common to most public sector bodies, allowing communication across boundaries by describing the responsibilities unequivocally within a controlled list of terms. xsd:string
Description dcterms:description
Services provided by local public sector organisations and their partners xsd:string
Has top concept skos:hasTopConcept
16 to 19 bursary fund
Abandoned bicycles
Abandoned shopping trolleys
Abandoned vehicles
Abnormal load notification
Accessibility - local facilities
Accessibility of Web sites
Accident reporting
Accommodation certificates
Actuary registration
Acupuncturist registration
Address allocation
Adoption of municipal land
Adoption support agency registration
Adult carers
Adult day care registration
Adult education courses
Adult hospice care
Adult placement
Adult placement registration
Adult residential care
Adventure activities licence
Advertisement control
Advice for young people
Advocacy for carers
Advocacy for social care clients
Aerials and satellite dishes
Affordable housing
Agricultural land maintenance
Agricultural production subsidies
Agricutural land licence
Air ambulance
Air conditioning system energy assessor accreditation
Air handling units
Air quality
Air rescue
Air traffic controller licence
Air traffic services licence
Air travel organiser's(ATOL) licence
Aircraft maintenance engineer licence
Airline pilot licence
Airport fire officer certificate
Airport firefighter certificate
Alcohol advice and support
Alley gating
Allocated council homes
Allocated parking spaces
Alternative care providers
Analytical chemist registration
Animal by-products licence
Animal importation
Animal inspection
Animal medicines and medicated feed registration
Animal transport licence
Animal transport vehicle licence
Animal welfare
Animals (scientific procedures) licence
Anti-money laundering registration
Anti-social behaviour - solvent abuse
Anti-social behaviour - begging and vagrancy
Anti-social behaviour - hoax or false calls to emergency services
Anti-social behaviour - inconsiderate or nuisance
Anti-social behaviour - neighbour nuisance
Anti-social behaviour - street drinking
Anti-social behaviour - vehicle
Anti-social behaviour -malicious or nuisance communication
Approval of course leading to external qualification
Approval of meat plants with veterinary attendance
Approved suppliers
Archaeology - consultancy
Archaeology - excavations and surveys
Architect registration
Archive loans, donations, bequests and sales
Archive withdrawals
Area waste strategy
Armed forces community covenant
Armed forces recruitment
Arson investigation
Arson reduction
Art commissions
Artificial reproduction of animals licence
Arts development
Arts organisations and events
Asbestos management
Asbestos removal licence
Assembly centre approval
Assisted garden maintenance
Asylum seekers - change of address
Asylum seekers - nationality checking
Asylum seekers support
Asylum seekers travel permit
Attending arson incidents
Attending automatic fire alarms
Attending fires
Auction premises licence
Audit work registration
Bail accommodation
Bail information
Bail supervision
Bankruptcy declaration
Barrister registration
Beach patrols
Bee keeping regulations
Behaviour development
Benefit fraud
Benefits advice and assessment
Bereavement support
Betting office licence
Bicycle stand or locker
Biocidal products notification
Birth - historical searches
Birth - re-registering
Birth registration
Boarding animals licence
Boat and trailer parking
Boat launching and recovery
Boat moorings
Boat registration
Boat waste disposal
Boat winter storage
Boatman's licence
Book exhibitions
Book start
Bookmakers permit
Bridge strengthening
Budgeting loans
Building and landscape design
Building control
Building control enforcement
Building inspector authorisation
Building materials licence
Building warrants
Bulky household waste collections
Burglar alarm keyholder registration
Bus lanes and routes
Bus stops and shelters
Business - exporters' forums
Business advice
Business awards
Business centres
Business continuity advice
Business co-operatives
Business directories
Business grants
Business planning applications
Business rate relief
Business rates account enquiries
Business rates annual notification
Business security advice
Business security grants
Business sponsorship opportunities
Business taxation
Business travel and commuting
Butchers shop licence
Byelaws and regulations
Calibration and testing
Camping and caravan sites
Canals and waterways
Car pooling
Caravan site licence
Caravan/mobile home - allocated standing place
Care ambassadors
Care at home
Care needs assessment
Careers advice
Carers allowance
Carers support groups
Catering, sales and vending
Cave rescue
Cemeteries and crematoria
Census information
Certificate of fitness for properties built before 1945
Change of circumstances
Change of housing tenancy
Change of housing use
Change of name
Change of nationality
Change of paternity
Chaperone service
Character and criminal record declaration
Chartered surveyor registration
Chemical supply and storage licence
Child allowance
Child health clinics
Child maintenance payments
Child performance licences
Child protection
Child protection orders
Childcare out of school hours
Childcare provider registration
Childhood immunisation
Childminder registration
Children and young people - preventative services
Children and young people - travel pass
Children's certificate
Children's hearings
Children's Hearings - Supervision Requirement
Children's homes independent school registration
Children's libraries
Children's panel recruitment
Chimney sweeping
Citizenship ceremonies
Citizenship education
Civic buildings
Civic events
Civic liability
Civic meetings - public questions
Civic recognition and awards
Civil emergencies - flooding
Civil emergencies - gas pipelines
Civil emergencies - major accident hazards
Civil emergencies - social and psychological support
Civil funerals
Civil marriage and civil partnership venue licence
Civil partnership dissolution
Civil partnerships
Claims management licence
Clean Air Act approval
Client contact problems
Clinical household waste
Coastal events
Coastal protection
Cohabitation registration
Commercial clinical waste disposal
Commercial energy assessor accreditation
Commercial lettings
Commercial property development
Commercial use of municipal land
Commercial vehicle Sunday driving licence
Commercial waste bins
Commercial waste collection
Commercial waste disposal sites
Commercial waste special collections
Commercial waste spillage
Commitment to pay visitor charges
Common Assessment Framework
Common land and village greens
Communal bins - permitted use
Communal heating charge
Communal housing repairs
Communal lighting
Community alarms and Telecare
Community and day centres
Community assemblies and committees
Community asset transfer
Community centres
Community Councils - information
Community engagement
Community equipment loans
Community facility grants
Community farms
Community fire safety
Community grants
Community noticeboards
Community Reparation Orders
Community safety
Community service orders
Community strategy
Community support groups and organisations
Community transport
Community wardens
Company registration
Compensation - municipal planning decisions
Competent person (building) registration
Complaints advocacy
Complaints procedure
Compulsory property acquisition
Conference, hall and meeting room hire
Consent for cellars, pavement lights and ventilators under street
Conservation advice
Conservation areas
Construction project notification
Construction site fire safety
Construction site pollution
Consumer advice
Consumer credit licence
Contaminated land
Contaminated land grants
Control and audit of company accounts
Controlled water activities licence
Conventional tower cranes notification
Conveyancer licence
Cooling tower registration
Copy certificates
Corporate - assets
Corporate - audit and inspection
Corporate - business planning and strategy
Corporate - business process improvement
Corporate - communications
Corporate - education
Corporate - equalities and diversity
Corporate - health and safety
Corporate - industrial relations
Corporate - Information management
Corporate - insurance
Corporate - organisation structure
Corporate - partnership working
Corporate - policies and procedures
Corporate - procurement
Corporate - project management
Corporate - records management
Corporate - reporting
Corporate - research
Corporate - resource planning
Corporate - retention schedules
Corporate - service management
Council - common good funds
Council expenditure
Council car parks
Council home modernisation
Council tax account enquiries
Council tax annual notification
Council tax band reductions
Council tax benefit appeals
Council tax benefit backdated claims
Council tax benefit current claim
Council tax benefit new claim
Council tax benefit overpayments
Council tax benefit renewal
Council tax discount
Council tax exemptions
Council tenant advice
Councillors allowances and expenses
Councillors declaration of interest
Councillors directory
Councillors surgeries
Countryside conservation
Countryside education
Countryside events
Countryside facilities
Countryside management
Countryside rangers
Countryside surveys
Countryside visitor centres
Countryside volunteers
Court fines - supervision of payment
CRB Registered Body
CRB umbrella body licence
Credit licence
Credit unions
Crime investigation
Crime prevention
Criminal damage - dwelling
Criminal damage - non-domestic building
Criminal damage - non-specific
Criminal damage - property
Criminal damage - vehicle
Crofting and rural house purchase grants
Cultural grants
Current emergency situations - civil
Current emergency situations - health
Current emergency situations - weather
Current vacancies
Customer satisfaction surveys
Cycle etching
Cycle hire
Cycle lanes and routes
Cycle training
Cycling and walking to school schemes
Cycling schemes
Dam or weir impounding licence
Dangerous animals licence
Dangerous dogs enforcement
Dangerous road improvements
Dangerous structures
Data Protection
Day care settings licence
Dead animal removal
Death - historical searches
Death registration
Debt counselling
Debt enforcement
Declaration of compliance with NIEA greenfield soils guidance
Decoration and disturbance allowances
Degree awards authorisation
Demand responsive transport
Demolition control
Demolition enforcement
Demolitions - alternative housing
Demolitions - disturbance allowance
Demolitions - property assessment
Demolitions - tenants' responsibilities
Demonstrations and parades permission
Dental services
Derelict properties
Designated wreck diving licence
Development control
Development control enforcement
Direct appointment as an approved certifier of design or construction
Direct payments
Disabled and older people - rail card
Disabled facilities grant
Disabled people - authorised helper
Disabled people - bus passes
Disabled people - employment advice
Disabled people - employment and training schemes
Disabled people - financial assistance
Disabled people - home adaptations and aids
Disabled people - Motability scheme
Disabled people - parking bays
Disabled people - parking permits
Disabled people - road tax exemption
Disabled people - taxi card
Disabled persons identity card
Discretionary Housing Payment
District Courts
Diver assessment and training licence
Diversion from prosecution
Divorce registration
Dog waste bins
Dog breeding licence
Dog fouling
Dog registration
Dog wardens
Domestic energy assessor accreditation
Domestic heating oil tanks
Domestic TV and radio licence
Domestic water rates
Domiciliary care agency registration
Door supervisor licence
Door-to-door metal dealer licence
Drain and gully clearance
Driver training
Driving instructor licences (various)
Driving licence
Driving licence exchange
Dropped kerbs
Drug treatment and testing orders
Drugs advice and support
Early years grant
Ecology and geology
Economic information and analysis
Economic reports and forecasts
Education - adult - opportunities in Europe
Education - grants - education maintenance award
Education - loans - student loan
Education consultations
Education in hospital
Education transport for 16-19 year olds
Educational materials grants
Educational support for looked after children
Egg packing centre licence
Election publicity
Election results
Electoral nominations
Electoral register
Electricity distribution licence
Electricity generation licence
Electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply licence
Electricity interconnector licence
Electricity supply licence
Electricity transmission licence
Emergency department
Emergency medical assistance
Emergency out of hours housing repairs
Emergency plan
Emergency veterinary services
Emigration advice
Employment & support allowance
Employment and training initiatives
Empty residential properties
Ending housing tenancy
Energy assessor certificate
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency grants
Energy tariff reductions
Environment and acoustic catering permit
Environmental health - out of hours emergencies
Environmental health placements
Environmental information regulations
Environmental permitting - Part A(1)
Environmental policy
Environmental standards for business
Equal opportunities advice
Equality and diversity
Estate agents redress scheme
Estate parking
Estates management
European and other funding
European Public Information Centre (EPIC) network
European tenders
Exclusion of school pupils
Executry practitioner registration
Exhaust emission testing
Explosives licence
Extended schools
Facilities - accessible buildings
Facilities - air handling units
Facilities - asbestos
Facilities - catering services
Facilities - consumables
Facilities - council property
Facilities - energy and fuel
Facilities - equipment
Facilities - graphic design
Facilities - hazardous substances
Facilities - internal mail
Facilities - internal room bookings
Facilities - management
Facilities - noise
Facilities - planned maintenance
Facilities - printing and copying
Facilities - reactive repairs
Facilities - reception
Facilities - risk assessments
Facilities - staff/visitor car parking
Facilities - water
Facilities -fleet ownership and maintenance
Fair rents inspection
Fair trading
Family centres
Family doctors
Family information services
Family support groups
Farmers markets
Farming advice
Farming and agriculture grants
Farming compensation schemes
Farrier registration
Feed hygiene registration
Feedback and suggestions
Festive decorations
Field study centres
Finance - accounting
Finance - financial management
Finance - financial planning
Finance - fund management
Finance - inter-organisational charging
Finance - management and control
Finance - revenue and customs
Financial assistance for housing associations
Financial guardianship
Fire and rescue - operational assurance
Fire and rescue - risk management
Fire and rescue incident investigation
Fire certificates - factories
Fire certificates - hotels/boarding houses
Fire certificates - offices
Fire certificates - shops
Fire hydrants maintenance
Fire insurance certificate
Fire regulations - business enforcement
Fire regulations - residential enforcement
Fire risk assessment - commercial property
Fire risk assessment - residential property
Fire safety education
Fire warden/commercial training
Firearms certificates
Firearms crime
Firework incident research
Firework safety advice
Fireworks display licence
Fireworks sales licence
Flight crew, pilots and air traffic controllers medical certificate
Flood prevention
Flood protection insurance
Food business registration
Food labelling
Food poisoning and contamination
Food premises approval
Food safety advice
Food safety enforcement
Food safety inspections
Food waste recycling
Foreign national's passport
Forensic science service
Forest and woodland management
Forestry grants
Free school meals
Freedom of Information
Fuel delivery and storage
Funeral payment
Funeral records
Furnished tenancies
Gambling premises licence
Garage lettings
Gas appliances or fittings work registration
Gas interconnector licence
Gas safety registration
Gas shipper licence
Gas supplier licence
Gas transport safety case notification
Gas transportation licence
Genetically modified organisms work notification
Geothermal energy plant licence
Gifted and talented awards
Going into hospital
Graffiti removal
Grants for voluntary organisations
Graphic design
Grass cutting
Grave purchasing
Grazing land
Greenhouse gas emission permit
Greyhound racing track licence
Guard dog kennels licence
Gypsy and traveller sites
Hackney carriage (taxi) drivers licence
Hackney carriage (taxi) licence
Hard to let properties
Hate crime
Hazardous chemical (HAZCHEM) incidents
Hazardous substance control
Hazardous waste collection
Hazardous waste disposal registration
Head lice
Health advice
Health and safety - prosecutions register
Health and safety regulation
Health and safety training
Health care in prisons
Health care insurance
Heating allowance
High hedges
Highway planting licence
Highway projection licence
Historic sites maintenance
HIV / AIDS support for adults
HIV / AIDS support for children and young people
Home care for terminally ill
Home childcarer registration
Home contents insurance
Home fire safety equipment
Home improvement loans
Home purchase grants
Home renovation grants
Home repair assistance grant
Home safety advice
Home schooling
Home security assessment
Homelessness support
Homes in multiple occupancy licence
Horse passport
Horse passport issuer licence
Hospice care for children and young people
Hospitalisation - pet care
Hot branding of equines licence
Hotel occupancy tax
Hotel stay registration
House clearance and re-housing
House surveying - major repairs
House to house collection licence
Household garden waste
Household waste accumulation
Household waste assisted collection
Household waste collection
Household waste containers
Household waste disposal sites
Household waste enforcement
Household waste registration
Houses in multiple occupation register
Houses in multiple occupation safety inspection
Housing allocation system
Housing and public health
Housing association nomination and registration
Housing benefit appeals
Housing benefit backdated claims
Housing benefit current claim
Housing benefit new claim
Housing benefit overpayments
Housing benefit renewal
Housing Care and Repair scheme
Housing crime support
Housing estate safety
Housing evictions
Housing improvements - temporary accommodation
Housing insulation
Housing insurance claims
Housing legal advice
Housing mediation
Housing modernisation schemes
Housing nuisance
Housing referrals
Housing rent
Housing rent setting
Housing repairs
Housing tenant support
Hunting licence
ICT - business continuity
ICT - data management
ICT - hardware
ICT - help desk
ICT - maintenance
ICT - manuals
ICT - networks
ICT - peripherals
ICT - resource management
ICT - security
ICT - software
ICT - Web site
Idling vehicles
Illegal street trading
Immigration - resettlement from abroad
Immigration registration
Income tax
Incontinence laundry service
Independence support for disabled people
Independent fostering service registration
Independent funerals
Independent school for under eight year olds registration
Independent school inspector licence
Independent school registration
Indoor sports entertainment licence
Industrial injury and illness
Infectious disease investigation
Inland waterways business craft licence
Inshore rescue
Insolvency practitioner registration
Inspector of weights and measures certificate
Instrumental tuition
Intensive support and monitoring
International driving licence
International student grants
International students
Introductory council tenancies
Jobseekers allowance
Joining a library
Journey planning
Jury service
Keeping warm in winter
Land and property availability
Land and property valuations
Land charges search
Land drainage consent
Land reclamation
Land sub-division permit
Land use proposals
Landlord accreditation
Landowner access
Landscape character assessment
Language and cultural support in school
Laser or intense pulsed light treatment licence
Late night catering licence
Late tenancy arrears
Law - legal aid
Law - wills and testaments - advice
Law costs draftsman licence
Leaflet distribution consent
Learning mentors
Leaving hospital
Legal - advice
Legal - case management
Legal - contracts
Legal - judicial review
Legal - land and property
Legal - litigation
Legal advice
Legal executive authorisation
Leisure and social activities inclusion
Leisure passes
Library catalogues
Library collections
Library computers and the internet
Library facilities
Library fines
Library information services
Library loan renewals
Library loans
Library reservations
Library sales
Licence for bridges, buildings, beams and cables over or along highway
Licence to hold, keep or release non-native fish
Licences - booking office
Light pollution
Listed building maintenance grants
Listed buildings
Litter bins
Litter enforcement
Litter removal
Local access forums
Local attractions
Local Development Framework
Local economic development
Local Housing Allowance
Local Involvement Network (LINk)
Local markets
Local plans
Local schools
London Olympics association right licence
Lord Lieutenant
Lost and found property
Lottery funding grants
Lottery licence
Low alcohol exemption licence
Major accident hazards control licence
Major incident clean up/repair
Major incident response
Management of personal financial affairs
Marine docking beds
Marine explosives transport licence
Marine storage lockers
Marine waste disposal licence
Marine weather data
Marine works licence
Market cleaning
Market event licence
Market stall rental
Marriage - historical searches
Marriage renewal
Massage and special treatment licence
Massage and special treatments therapist registration
Masts and antennae
Mayoral invitations
Means Enquiry reports
Media and publicity protocols
Medical control
Medical emergency response
Medical treatment abroad
Members - allowances
Members - committee membership
Members - communications
Members - democratic services - advice
Members - elections - polling stations
Members - elections - results
Members - executive forward plan
Members - honours and awards
Members - induction and training
Members - minutes, agendas and reports
Members - overview and scrutiny
Members - political offices
Members - secretariat
Members of parliament - MPs and MEPs
Memorial construction
Memorial maintenance
Mental health support
Mentoring schemes
Midwifery and maternity services
Minerals local plan
Minimum wage
Minutes, agendas and reports
Mobile libraries
Mobile meals
Moped licence
Mortgage insurance
Mortgage references
MOT testing
MOT testing authorisation
Motor vehicle insurance
Motor vehicle licence
Motorised vehicles countryside access
Mountain rescue
Municipal banking
Municipal funerals
Municipal golf courses
Museum and gallery shops
Museum collections
Museum events and exhibitions
Museums and galleries
Museums and galleries - loans donations and bequests
Music rooms and recording studios
Musical instrument hire
Musical instruments purchase scheme
Mutual home exchange
Naming ceremonies
National identity card
National Insurance number
Natural heritage areas
Nature reserves
Navigation and berthing
Needle exchange
Neighbourhood policing
Neighbourhood watch
New marina authorisation
News and information releases
Noise pollution
Non-commercial use of municipal land
Notifiable pests and diseases
Notification - cattle movement
Number plate supplier registration
Nursery education grant
Nursery inspections
Nursery school places
Nursing agency licence
Nursing agency registration
Occupational health services
Occupational therapy
Offshore rescue
Older people's activities
Older people's bus pass
On-construction domestic energy assessor accreditation
Online library resources
Online registration
Open access land
Open data publication
Operational ratings assessor accreditation
Operations - appliance management
Operations - real time information (traffic, events etc.)
Operations - specialist equipment co-ordination
Operations - user guides
Out of hours social care
Outdoor activity centres
Outdoor events
Outdoor fire safety
Outdoor play facilities
Overdue housing repairs - discretionary allowance
Parental custody
Parental involvement in schools
Parenting orders
Parish/town council and councillors
Park and ride
Parking permits
Parking zones
Parks and open space landscaping
Parks and open space maintenance
Parks and open spaces
Parole reports
Passenger transport vehicle licence
Passport issuing
Patent attorney or agent registration
Patient transport
Pavement maintenance
Pavement obstructions
Pavement parking
Pavements - personal injury
Pedestrian areas
Pedestrian crossings
Performance measurement and reporting
Performing animals licence
Perishable foodstuffs certification (ATP)
Permission - access across municipal land
Permission - car loudspeakers
Permission to film and photograph
Permission to host events
Permitted absence from school
Permitted commercial development
Permitted residential developments
Personal alcohol and entertainment licence
Personal data processing registration
Personal details register
Personal documents - certified copies
Personal tax allowances
Personal taxation
Pest control
Pet burial
Pet shop licence
Petrol vapour recovery regulation
Petroleum storage licence
Pig movement notification
Pipeline safety notification
Planned transport service changes
Planning - fences, gates and garden walls
Planning area search
Planning consultation
Planning decision notices
Pleasure boat licence
Poisons licence
Pollution - Local air pollution control authorisation - Part C
Pollution control - inspection and regulation of premises - Part A processes
Pollution control - inspection and regulation of premises - Part B processes
Pollution control - inspection and regulation of premises - Parts A and B processes
Pollution control - Part A(2) and Part B processes
Pollution inventory data submission registration
Port and harbour facilities
Port arrival notification
Port consignment notification
Ports of entry - detention
Postal operator licence
Postal voting
Post-incident support
Premises licence
Prescriptions and medical care
Primary school places
Private car parks
Private club registration
Private fire hydrants inspection
Private hire drivers licence
Private hire operators licence
Private hire vehicle (minicab) licence
Private housing advice
Private landlord registration
Private landlord support
Private tenant advice
Private tenants rent assistance
Private water supply analysis
Probate and inheritance
Probation orders
Procurement - contracts lists
Procurement - contracts management
Procurement policy
Product safety
Proof of nationality
Property conversion (to flats)
Property deeds
Property enquiries certificates
Property register
Property sales tax
Protection from harassment
Proxy voting
Psychological, psychiatric or social work services in schools
Public disorder incidents
Public portal
Public processions
Public rights of way
Public toilets
Public toilets - RADAR keys
Pupil accident insurance
Quarantine kennel licence
Rabies protection
Racing pigeons licence
Radiation notification (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information)
Radioactive materials storage and transport
Radioactive substances registration
Radioactive waste disposal
Railway fire certificates
Railway light maintenance depot licence
Raised structures
Real time transport information
Rechargeable home repairs
Recycling advice
Recycling bags and containers
Recycling sites
Red routes
Referral orders
Refuse duty of care - enforcement
Regeneration projects
Registered address - use by non-resident
Registering business premises
Registering for a council property
Registers - statutory - public roads
Registration - motor salvage operator
Registration of responsibilities for children
Regulation of dry cleaning premises
Regulations - flags
Release of CCTV evidence
Rent arrears
Rent determination
Reparation orders
Repatriation of bodies - England and Wales
Repatriation of bodies abroad
Reservoir management
Residence permit
Residential care for children and young people
Residential care home registration
Residential family centre registration
Residential planning applications
Residential recycling collections
Respite care for adults
Respite care for children and young people
Restricted hotel licence
Retail trading standards
Re-use of public sector information
Revenue trader/authorised warehousekeeper licence
Riding establishment licence
Right to buy your home
Rights of way enforcement
Rights of way maintenance
Road adoption
Road bridges
Road closures and diversions
Road congestion reduction
Road gritting
Road maintenance
Road obstructions
Road safety cameras
Road signs
Road spillages
Road surveys
Road traffic accidents
Road works notification
Road/street works operative licence
Road/street works supervisor licence
Roads - child play areas
Roads enforcement
Roads weight limits
Roadside banner licence
Rural development
Safeguarding children grants
Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Sale of gifts and publications
Scaffolding and hoarding licence
Scheme for certificate of design or construction
Scheme provider for certificate of design or construction
School admission appeals
School assessment and performance
School book purchase schemes
School breakfast clubs
School bullying and harassment policy
School closures
School clothing grants/vouchers
School clubs and activities
School complaints procedure
School crossing patrols
School curriculum
School governors
School health and safety
School health promotion
School holiday schemes
School library loans
School library service - advice and training
School library visits
School nursing
School pupil records
School regulations and disciplinary procedures
School SEN approval
School term and holiday dates
School transport
School transport - additional support
School visits
Schools - permitted exemption (from curriculum)
Schools development plans
Scientific services
Scottish Parliamentary information
Scrap metal processing licence
Scrap metal site registration
Seat belt and helmet medical exemptions
Second hand goods licence
Secondary school places
Securing premises after fire
Self drive boats licence
Self-build approval
Septic tanks and cesspits
Service delivery consultation
Severe weather warnings
Sewerage and drains - notification
Sex establishment licence
Sexually transmitted diseases
Shared care for adults
Shared care for children and young people
Sheep and goat movement licence
Sheltered housing
Shop front improvement grants
Shotgun certificates
Single Shared Assessment
Skip operator licence
Skip permits
Skip services
Slaughterman licence
Smoke control areas
Smoking ban
Snow clearance
Socal services - adults with incapacity
Social Enquiry reports
Social housing policy
Social landlord registration
Soil excavation
Solicitors practising certificate
Solvent emissions registration
Solvent emissions regulation
Special educational needs - placement in mainstream school
Special educational needs assessment
Special educational needs co-ordinated support plan
Special educational needs transport
Special library collections
Special needs capital grants
Special needs library facilities
Special school approval
Specialist equipment for disabled people
Specialist rescue services
Speed humps
Speed limits
Spending plans consultation
Sporting club grants
Sports club directory
Sports coaching
Sports development
Sports employment
Sports equipment hire
Sports facilities
Sports grants
Sports ground safety certificate
Sports grounds licence
SQA qualifications centre approval
Staff - annual leave
Staff - appraisal
Staff - apprenticeships
Staff - benefits
Staff - business travel
Staff - consultation and feedback
Staff - continuing professional development
Staff - disciplinary procedures
Staff - disclosure of interests
Staff - employment tribunals
Staff - equal pay
Staff - grievance
Staff - job analysis
Staff - medicals and health screening
Staff - occupational health
Staff - operational exercising/training
Staff - outplacement
Staff - overtime
Staff - payroll
Staff - procedures
Staff - public holidays
Staff - recognition
Staff - recruitment
Staff - recruitment process
Staff - redeployment
Staff - references
Staff - reorganisations
Staff - risk management
Staff - sickness management
Staff - telephone charges
Staff - time management
Staff - training
Staff - victimisation
Staff - workplace bullying
Stage hypnotism licence
Starting work benefits
Stations, stops and shelters
Statutory development plans
Stillbirth registration
Stopping up orders
Stray animals
Street café licence
Street cleaning
Street collection licence
Street entertainment licence
Street furniture
Street lighting
Street name plates
Street names and numbering
Street parking enforcement
Street parties permission
Street trading licence
Street works licence
Student accommodation
Subsidised health insurance
Subsidised travel
Sudden death investigations
Sunday trading notification
Supervised medication in school
Supervising attendance orders
Support for children in care
Support for gifted children
Support for tourism businesses
Support for young people leaving care
Support when leaving education
Supported employment for looked after children
Surface water management plans
Sustainable development
Sustainable drainage systems
Swimming pool and spa pool monitoring
Syringe disposal
Tattooist, piercing and electrolysis registration
Taxi fare setting
Taxi ranks
Teenage pregnancy
Teenagers' library services
Temporary event notice
Temporary passport
Temporary private house letting
Temporary structure fire safety
Temporary travel document
Tenant housing alterations
Tenant participation
Tenant support
Toll roads
Tourist accommodation
Tourist accommodation certificate
Tourist information centres
Tourist signs
Towing for marine vessels
Town centre CCTV
Town centre crime prevention
Town twinning
Toy libraries
Track betting licence
Trade effluent discharge licence
Trade mark agent or attorney registration
Trader approval schemes
Trading standards - dispute resolution
Trading standards advice to businesses
Trading standards education
Traffic lights
Traffic schemes
Transition between schools
Translation and interpreting
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies testing laboratory licence
Transparency of accounts
Transparency of senior salaries
Transport policy
Transport service disruption information
Transport tickets and passes
Transport timetable information
Travel plans
Traveller children support
Tree management
Tree preservation orders
Unauthorised house occupants
Under age sales
Universal credit
University licence
Unoccupied dwelling licence
Utilities regulation
Vacant land and property
Value for money
Vandalism prevention
Vehicle clamping and removal
Vehicle end of life treatment licence
Vehicle immobiliser licence
Vehicle testing licence
Verge maintenance
Verges - permitted use
Veterinary medical products marketing authorisation
Veterinary nurse listing
Veterinary surgeon licence
Vetting of contract and supplier staff
Video sales licence
Visas and travel permits
Vocational training
Voluntary adoption agency registration
Voluntary property acquisition
Voluntary sector transport licence
Wall maintenance
Waste broker registration
Waste carrier (scrap metal) licence
Waste carrier registration
Waste disposal manager permit
Waste electrical and electronic equipment licence
Waste local plan
Waste management licence
Waste oil burner licence
Waste packaging licence
Waste reduction
Waste search and removal licence
Water abstraction licence
Water discharge licence
Water height monitoring
Water network extensions
Water pollution
Water quality monitoring
Water transportation and supply licence
Water/flood rescue
Wedding venue licence
Wedding venues
Weighbridge operator licence
Weights and measures
Welfare rights advice
Wild and protected bird licence
Window cleaning business licence
Window cleaning employee licence
Witness support
Work experience placements
Work health and safety advice and training
Work permits
Work with ionising radiation notification
Workplace fire regulations
Yellow lines
Young carers support
Young people - employment - medical examination
Young people's drop in activities
Young people's learning prospectus
Young people's organised activities
Young Scot Card
Youth court procedures
Youth justice - final warning
Youth justice - implementation of orders
Youth leadership training
Youth Opportunity Fund
Youth project volunteering
Youth Rehabilitation Order
Zoo licence
Zoos and farm parks
Content is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on accuracy. xsd:string
Content is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on completeness. xsd:string
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