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DCLG Planning Development Category

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Comment rdfs:comment
Planning Application Development Category. xsd:string
Has top concept skos:hasTopConcept
Q1 Major dwellings
Q2 Major offices - R and D - light industry
Q3 Major general industry - storage - warehousing
Q4 Major retail and service
Q5 Major traveller caravan pitches
Q6 Major all other major developments
Q13 Minor dwellings
Q14 Minor Offices - R and D - light industry
Q15 Minor general industry - storage - warehousing
Q16 Minor retail and service
Q17 Minor traveller caravan pitches
Q18 Minor all other minor developments
Q20 Other change of use
Q21 Other householder developments
Q22 Other advertisements
Q23 Other listed building consents (alter-extend)
Q24 Other listed building consents (demolish)
Q25 Other relevant demolition in conservation area
Q30 Trees
Q31 Prior approvals (forestry, ag, telecoms)
Q32 Prior approvals (householder, schools, office)
Q33 High hedges
Q60 Minerals (CPS 1-9 and 13-22)
Q41 Oil and gas (CPS 10-12)
Q42 Waste (CPS 30-43)
Q43 County other (CPS 50)
Q44 Prior approvals (minerals)
Q45 Prior approvals (sewage)
Q50 EIA scoping
Q51 EIA screening
Q26 Certificates of Lawful Development
Q27 Notifications
Label rdfs:label
DCLG Planning Development Category xsd:string
Title dcterms:title
Planning classification xsd:string
Type rdf:type
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