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Vocabulary of terms for local authorities in England.



This vocabulary defines terms used to describe various types of local authority in England.


September 13, 2013 00:00

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London Borough Council

A London Borough Council

Shire authority

The union of the class CountyCouncil and the class DistrictCouncil: both upper and lower tier authorities responsible for 'shire' areas.

Metropolitan District Council

A Metropolitan District Council. There are a number of areas of England defined as Metropolitan Areas, for example Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. District councils within these areas are known as Metropolitan District Councils. These are single tier authorities.

Civil Administrative Authority

An organization with a formal role in administration or government, such as a county council, local council or police authority.

District Council

District councils, sometimes known as 'shire district councils' are the lower tier of local government, with the range government responsibilities divided between the district council and the corresponding county council. Some district councils have been granted the status of a borough or a city.

Other authority

The union of the classes: GLA, FireAuthority, PoliceAuthority,WasteAuthority,TransportAuthority, NationalParkAuthority, RegionalParkAuthority

Other authority (except fire authorities and GLA)

The union of the classes PoliceAuthority, WasteAuthority, TransportAuthority, NationalParkAuthority, RegionalParkAuthority. Equivalent to the class OtherAuthority, with GLA and FireAuthority removed.

Unitary Authority

These are shire districts or county councils that are single tier, with responsibility for all aspects of local government.

Greater London Authority

A class with only one member: the Greater London Authority itself.

Fire Authority

The authority responsible for providing a fire and rescue service for a particular area.

County Council

A county council.

Local Authority

Those authorities that form the lower tier or only tier of local government: so district councils, unitary authorities, metropolitan districts and London boroughs - but not county councils.

Transport Authority

A transport authority is a statutory body with responsibility for overseeing the transport network of a particular area.

National Park Authority

An authority responsible for managing a national park.

Police Authority

The authority responsible for policing of a particular area.

Regional Park Authority

An authority responsible for managing a regional park.

Metropolitan County

A geographical region containing a number of metropolitan districts. These regions are often used for statistical analysis. Some local government functions are managed at the level of these regions.

Waste Authority

A waste authority is a statutory body responsible for dealing with waste from a particular area.

Inner and Outer London

The London Boroughs are divided into two geographical regions for statistical analysis: Inner London and Outer London. These regions do not correspond to administrative organisations.

Welsh Unitary Authority

One of the 22 single tier unitary authorities in Wales, a combination of counties and county borough councils

Area Responsibility

Represents an n-ary relationship between a local authority and the area it manages, recognising that the area of responsibility of an organisation can change over time. The AreaResponsibility resource is associated with a time interval over which the relationship applies.
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is governed by

Relates a geographical area, such as a county or local authority district, to an administrative authority that governs it. Note that an area may have 'isGovernedBy' links to several organizations, responsible for different aspects of the government of that area.


Relates a administrative authority, such as a county or district council, to the geographical area that it is responsible for.

billing authority code

Links an authority to the 'E-code' used by the Department for Communities and Local Government to label the authority, in the context of local government finance. The code takes the form of the letter E followed by 4 digits.


Links a district council to the county or metropolitan county that it belongs to.

Openly Local URL

Links an authority to its page. OpenlyLocal lists a variety of information about councils, available as web pages and through an API.


Links a county council, or metropolitan county, to the district councils that fall within the relevant region.

governs GSS

Relates a administrative authority, such as a county or district council, to the ONS URI for the geographical area that it is responsible for.

area responsibility

Links a local authority to an AreaResponsibility resource.

Statistical geography

Connects a local authority to the area it is responsible for during some time interval, via an AreaResponsibility resource.